Sunday, March 30, 2008

On Life And Living Pt 1

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On Life And Living Pt 1
Sometimes, it seems as though the littlest thing, the most minor glimmer, can set my mind to ponder the biggest things. What ABOUT life? What is it all about? What is the purpose? Can it be so simple... can it be as simple as this: The purpose of life is to enjoy the beauty and wonder of a tiny little flower growing at our feet by a mailbox at a small house in a small neighborhood in a small town in Florida?

After all, what more is there? What of more importance is there in this world? If we cannot appreciate the wonders at our feet, what else is there? I work with people who would not give that flower a FIRST thought, never mind a second thought. Their purpose in life revolves around profits and reports and volume growth.

Other people I know wrap their world around their children. No doubt, children are important. But are they the purpose of life, or merely the propagation of further life for a purpose that may or may not be fully understood at the time of propagation? Are children the purpose, or the result? A directive or a side effect?

I don't expect to find answers to these questions. I suspect that the answer is different for each of us. But I also suspect that some answers are not valid, while others are. For some, the purpose of THEIR life might just be earning money, acquiring power, controlling others. But I don't think that qualifies as the purpose of LIFE.

What about you? Any ideas? What do you feel is the purpose of YOUR life?