Friday, November 16, 2007

Dunedin - Alternate Transpo & Runway

This is alternate transportation of a different sort... at the Dunedin Marina, where the boats are not big enough to park a car on the aft deck, but big enough to fit a bicycle. I like it, and nothing like a sweeping fence rail like that to point the way to adventures of the two-wheeled sort.

Come to Dunedin, and you will find lots of great places to ride a bike.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Double Eagle III = 6?

I caught this picture of the Double Eagle III, heading out from Clearwater Beach for a day of deep sea fishing, from the top of the Sand Key bridge. It was somewhat windy that day, and I wondered how it would feel for the passengers. Or should I say fishermen... or should I say fisher-persons? But it looked like they were happy to be there, and looking forward to a good time, cold and windy or not.

As the boat moved on and out into the Gulf Of Mexico, I noticed that what had seemed like a large boat when it passed under the bridge, looked like a quite smallish boat indeed out in that very large Gulf.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's All A Matter Of Perpective

Getting down to it. That can be the difficulty. There are many, many perspectives from within which to view our world. Many can be very difficult to get to. Some are really quite close at hand, and yet overlooked in their pedestrian trappings.

Can you take a moment? Can you stop and look? Can you take a moment, stop, and look at this world of ours from a different perspective? You may have to think outside the box to find it. You may have to think outside the bottle!