Saturday, October 27, 2007

Time Traveling

As I enjoy my daily walking break, around the pond across the street from my office, I often contemplate this hunk of wood embedded in the road. It has been there for many years, and sometimes it takes me back in time. I can almost imagine the men working on the road, many years ago, in a very different time in Dunedin, FL.

And if I ponder longer, and deeper, I start to drift back further in time to when the piece of wood was still part of a tree. Perhaps a tree somewhere in Florida. What kind of tree? And when was it 'harvested'? And how long ago was it just a seed? It goes on and on... and suddenly so many things are so very closely connected.

The Will To Live

Isn't it wonderful that we are born, and fight for our first several breaths, on pure instinct? I mean, if we had to make a deliberate decision, and then will ourselves to this level of action and determination, would be make it? This little mushroom worked hard to get its head above ground, and then through all the debris, in order to have a life. Bravo, little mushroom, bravo!

Mayhaps, I shall take some inspiration from the little mushroom. Surely, if the little mushroom can make it, I can overcome the obstacles in my path, yes? YES!

Stalking On The Rail

I can never get enough of these beautiful birds. This is the Great Egret, in non-breeding plumage. Not to be confused with the Great White Heron, which is larger and has greenish-yellow legs.

This shot was taken with my Nikon D80, in John Chesnut Sr. Park, in Clearwater, FL. It involved several more shots being taken, as I stalked the poor bird down the railing. But in the end I was able to get the shot and move away without scaring him into flight. And that makes me feel all the better for having gotten the shot without unduly alarming this wonderful creature.

Ants At Work

How cool are ants, anyway? Are they just about the smallest living thing that we, as humans, are afraid of? I can't get over it. If we could work together as well as they do, we would have this planet of ours ship-shape in NO TIME FLAT! Oh well.

We just don't work that well together, and that's too bad. And don't get me wrong, I am just as lousy as anyone else when it comes to trying to get along with the rest of the people on this Earth of ours. Now excuse me while I go yell at my neighbor for parking on my grass, and then throw my grass clippings over the fence into his pool. >:-( YES, just KIDDING!