Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Speaking of Fall(s)

You're just riding along in the car. You see a gravel pullout, so you pull over to see what the view is all about. Of course, in the Smoky Mountains, where we were, you are almost always high enough to look out over some beautiful valley. Well, we walk over to the guard rail, look around, and then look down... WOW!

A narrow, slippery path leads down to a small platform, overlooking these wonderful falls. But believe me, it was just the platform that was small. The falls must have been 50 or 60 feet from top to bottom.

Next time you are on vacation, think about heading up to the mountains of NC or TN. You won't be disappointed. Myself, I'll be back.

Fallen Leaves

I just wanted to sit down there and stay for a long, long time. You don't see this in Florida much. And I have missed it ever since I left Washington two years ago.

This shot was taken in the Smoky Mountains, in Tennessee, with my Nikon D80. I love the camera, and I love that it lets me take home stuff like this. Memory candy that I will savor for years to come.

Thanks for enjoying it with me!

Fall Color!

Or, How I Spent My Vacation...
Fantastic fall color in the Smoky Mountains. Just south of Gatlinburg, TN. Or just north of Cherokee, NC, if you prefer. We ended up hitting it just right, it seems like. There was color everywhere I pointed my camera... just about. What a blast!

So, I heartily recommend... GET OUT TO THE MOUNTAINS!! Or... head for the hills, if you prefer!