Friday, November 9, 2007

Meeting Of The Board

I am not sure what the meeting was about, but it was serious business I can tell you! In fact, the chairman, with his veto powers, even refused to be in the picture. He is standing just out of the frame to the right. It was he that suggested Mr. Billit, second from left, lift one leg for effect, as if making a point.

All in all a successful meeting I think. Although I did not stick around to hear the closing remarks, actions items, and conclusions.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


This picture is for my friend, M.S., who does NOT believe me when I tell her about the ducklings at the pond! No, not my best shot ever, nor with my best camera. But it does capture the moment. And this way M.S. can finally see the ducklings I keep talking about.

These ducks live in Dunedin, Florida, though I doubt they realize that. Perhaps they do. Perhaps they even know they were born on the banks of Lake Paloma. I don't know for sure, they wouldn't tell me.

This is a sign some nice folks put up across the street from the lake, which is surrounded by streets on all sides. I hope it helps!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Storm Crows Sunset Flight

I was clicking away, discovering the powers of my Nikon D80, and catching some really strange weather as I looked East. Behind me, the sun was setting over Clearwater Beach (not the same sunset as in the photo below). Then I heard these birds calling, and I could see a flock of crows heading my way. As I looked I realized there were hundreds, if not thousands! Seemingly fleeing the mainland for some rookery or such on the spoil islands in the bay around me.

I cannot be sure why they were all heading my way, perhaps the weather had them 'running for higher ground'. But it was indeed impressive, and way EERIE to experience it. It was like something out of a scene in the Lord Of The Rings movie, when the crows came after the good guys.

So, in order to make it so you could get the full effect, I am posting a pretty big version of the file, although not the original. So please be patient if it takes just a little longer to bring it up. And forgive me... but I really want you to be able to see this! By the way, this picture was taken from the top of the Clearwater Memorial Causeway Bridge.

Thanks for checking it out!

Clearwater Beach Sunset Meltdown

Here is a photo I promised to post a little while ago. Oops! So here we go. Taking one of many highly pleasurable sunset walks on Clearwater Beach. It is a beautiful thing, I tell you. I have a series of these, as it went down. Perhaps when I get my act together, they will appear together on this site.