Sunday, December 30, 2007


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Great Egret and White Ibis in flight over Lake Paloma, Dunedin, Florida
I will admit right up front that this photograph has imperfections... but I was so tickled with the way it came out, just the same, that I wanted to share it. These birds are in flight over Lake Paloma, in Dunedin, Florida. Please feel free to leave a comment, constructive criticism is always welcome.

The all white birds with black legs and yellow bills are Great Egrets. The birds with somewhat curving pink bills, pink legs, and black wing tips are White Ibis. The brownish birds that look similar to the White Ibis are also White Ibis... but immature. Beautiful, aren't they?

Hey, tomorrow is New Years eve! Are you going to a party, or are you going to celebrate at home? Either way, Happy New Year!!!

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